LGU Continues Project GALING SMI

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Project GALING SMI beneficiaries did not only learn numeracy and literacy skills but also good values.

Project GALING SMI (Going Around Locating Illiterates & Non-readers to Guide and make them Smarter & Mindful Individual) is now on its second year. After the successful launched last April 10, 2017 with 501 actual learners and 361 completers having 80% improvement rate, the LGU was heartened to continue this literacy project. The one-month literacy sessions which started last May 3, 2018 benefitted 391 learners wherein 68% had shown improvement in their numeracy and literacy skills. The innovation this year was the involvement of student-teachers who were SPES beneficiaries with the assistance of the Barangay CFM Focal Persons or designated barangay Literacy Facilitators.

The literacy facilitator in each barangay had conducted pre and post-evaluation to every learner. As per post-assessment results consolidated by the Office of the MPDC, it was found-out that there were 178 beneficiaries who still need improvement because some were still frustrated/non-readers and slow learners.

During the Mass Graduation Ceremony held last June 26, 2018, Mayor Ampie said we will not wait for Year 3 to address them, we will use weekends to teach and assist these learners thru the Barangay CFM Focal Persons or designated barangay Literacy Facilitators.

Some of the beneficiaries had rendered their talents while the San Mateo Youth Council (SMYC) officers and members facilitated the parlor games. It was indeed a great day to remember as we heard again the positive impacts of Project GALING SMI coming from the learners and literacy facilitators. We continued to collaborate towards achieving zero illiterates in the municipality.

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