Monday Flag Raising Ceremony Never Falter

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Mayor Ampie at the Flag Raising Ceremony.

Flag raising ceremony at LGU-San Mateo has become an avenue for discovering talents among the employees. It is a day where everybody is longing to attend rain or shine.

But what was the story behind? During the advent of the then Municipal Mayor, Hon. Roberto C. Agcaoili, he noticed that flag raising ceremony usually happened at eight o’clock in the morning (8:00 A.M.) every Monday. In one of his messages, he suggested that said activity can be started earlier in order not to eat so much time for office work. An office memorandum was prepared to adjust the time of the flag ceremony from 8:00 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. So, from thereon, said activity had been observed 7:30 A.M. every Monday. The program was very simple. It started with an opening prayer, singing of the national anthem, administrative announcements and the message of the Local Chief Executive. This was the usual sequence of the program.

A new administration came through the first lady Mayor who had been elected since the municipality of San Mateo became an independent municipality in 1946 – Hon. Crispina R. Agcaoili, M.D. Her administration had dramatically changed some of the practices during flag ceremonies.

Initially, the changed were the inclusions of giving recognition, awards and values sharing plus re-enactment of several awards received preceding the flag raising ceremony, the recitation of the Vision and Mission of the municipality and of course the messages of the two (2) Local Chief Executives. Until one time that the PNP, BJMP and the BFP were the sponsoring offices. These offices introduced innovations in which they included entertaining numbers. This sparked the idea of having fun through the presentations of the different talents of the employees for every department or group of departments.

One time, the good mayor had said that, “If you missed to attend the flag ceremony every Monday, you missed one half of your life”. This was enormously applauded.

Surprisingly, the different departments do not fall short of quality presentation which inspire the employees in performing their duties and responsibilities for the people of San Mateo. There is a common parlance that starting the day right will yield good vibes.

This good practice every Monday cannot be abated by the poor weather condition. Some say, rain or shine, the program must go on. Thanks to the Engineering department for the tents that are being used for all seasons.

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