LGU Launches Project GALING SMI to Public Secondary Schools

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The student-leaders together with the advisers & LGU facilitators took a pose with Mayor Ampie.

Project GALING SMI (Going Around Locating Illiterates & Non-readers to Guide and make them Smarter & Mindful Individual) has been successfully launched last April 10, 2017. Literacy sessions were conducted to 501 actual learners through the help of the 33 literacy facilitators assigned in different barangays. There were 361 completers wherein almost 80% of these learners have shown improvement based from the post assessment conducted after the two-month learning activities. Skills training were also conducted and had benefitted 117 OSYs and unemployed adults. Beauty Care Salon is now managed by the beneficiaries located at the Pasalubong Center.

These improvements and developments have heartened the LGU to continue the literacy project dubbed as Project GALING SMI. In coordination with the secondary schools, we have known that there are still non-readers and/or frustrated readers among the secondary students most especially among the Grade 7 students. Thus, Project GALING SMI this year, 2018 was focus to the secondary students specifically the Grade 7 non-readers and indigent students who are slow-learners.

The student leaders in each school were trained last January 17, 2018 through the Literacy Facilitators' Training cum Municipal Level Leadership Training. San Mateo Youth Council (SMYC) together with all the SSG officers in each secondary school will serve as literacy facilitators in their own school.

Orientation and launching ceremony in each public secondary school was conducted with the following schedules:

January 24, 2018
AM-Salinungan National High School
PM-San Mateo Vocational and Industrial HS

January 25, 2018
AM-San Mateo General Comprehensive HS
PM-San Mateo National High School

After the launching program, SMYC and SSG Officers taught 30-minute one-on-one reading tutorial to the beneficiaries in order to assess their reading capability. Follow-up literacy sessions and learning activities were continuously conducted in the school thru the SSG Officers. It was promised that the school wth the highest number of improved learners will be given incentive and the Literacy Facilitators as well who will produce honor student/s basing from the results of the Pre & Post assessments.

School heads during their speech informed everyone that again this is first in the entire region as they have been assigned in different schools but it is only here in San Mateo that they experience a special project like this. Indeed, this will not only help the schools and the students but will also bring recognitions to the municipal government thru this initiative of the Honorable Mayor, Dr. Crispina R. Agcaoili.

Support materials were distributed in every school including 1 unit tablet for the digital literacy learning sessions. Monitoring of this project was conducted weekly thru the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (MPDC). Post evaluation and culminating activity were scheduled this April 20 18.

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