LGU Disperses Tilapia Fingerlings Along Magat River

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Dispersing of Tilapia fingerlings along the Magat River

The Local Government Unit of San Mateo has dispersed around 100,000 pieces of fingerlings from its funds along the Magat River to support its Aqua Culture Livelihood program for eleven (11) barangays along the Magat River. These barangays include Sinamar Sur, Sinamar Norte, Bella Luz, Estrella, Old Centro Proper, Old Centro I, Mapuroc, San Ignacio, Bagong Sikat, San Roque and Marasat Pequeño.

The LGU aimed to restore the fish resources of the Magat River in order to provide a source of livelihood to fish farmers, provide fish-protein source for food sufficiency and help minimize the shortage of fish in the region.

To attain the goals and objectives of the program, the barangay-beneficiaries were formed into four clusters of four-kilometers each and were given the role of being a Bantay-Ilog wherein they will see to it that no illegal fishing will occur in their jurisdiction, only proper fishing gear with the appropriate sizes will be used in fishing so that small fishes will not be caught and will remain in the rivers to reach their proper size to progenate.

The LGU distributed sixty five (65) units of fishing gears to fish farmers within the clusters in order to support the objectives of the project.

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