Monday Flag Raising Ceremony Never Falter

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Mayor Ampie at the Flag Raising Ceremony.

Flag raising ceremony at LGU-San Mateo has become an avenue for discovering talents among the employees. It is a day where everybody is longing to attend rain or shine.

But what was the story behind? During the advent of the then Municipal Mayor, Hon. Roberto C. Agcaoili, he noticed that flag raising ceremony usually happened at eight o’clock in the morning (8:00 A.M.) every Monday. In one of his messages, he suggested that said activity can be started earlier in order not to eat so much time for office work. An office memorandum was prepared to adjust the time of the flag ceremony from 8:00 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. So, from thereon, said activity had been observed 7:30 A.M. every Monday. The program was very simple. It started with an opening prayer, singing of the national anthem, administrative announcements and the message of the Local Chief Executive. This was the usual sequence of the program.

Buntis Congress 2018

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The frontliners at the Buntis Congress spearheaded by the Municipal Health Officer, Doc. Nikki and the Municipal Mayor, Doc. Ampie.

The Rural Health Unit of San Mateo, Isabela headed by Municipal Health Officer Dr. Nikki Rose R. Agcaoili in coordination with the Local Government Unit conducted Buntis Congress last March 23, 2018 with the theme “KABATAANG INA PAGBUBUNTIS MO’Y MAHALAGA MAGPACHECK-UP NA!” at the New Community Center of San Mateo, Isabela. The program started with the welcome address given by our MHO, followed by an inspirational message from our beloved Municipal Mayor Crispina R. Agcaoili, MD giving emphasis on safe pregnancy and delivery thus paving the way to a healthy community.

Provincial Nutirition Committee Conducts Evaluation of San Mateo Isabela’s Programs

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The Evaluation Committee for the LGU‟s Nutrition Program.

The Provincial Nutrition Committee conducted the monitoring and evaluation on the Municipal Local Level Planning Implementation (MELLPI) last March 22, 2018 to determine and measure the effectiveness of the implementation of the LGU local nutrition programs at the barangay & municipal level. The innovative projects of the LGU and RHU were appreciated by the evaluating team, such as Nutrition Congress and Project Wash.

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